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Sleeping Newborn


Thanks for considering my services! As a Newborn Care Specialist and a mom, I'm committed to providing only the best care for your little one. Let's chat - contact me today to learn more about my overnight nanny services and virtual services just for new moms.

My name is Deanna Van Pyrz
I'm a mom of two with a love for babies & a passion for supporting parents!
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Deanna Van Pyrz, Night Nurse, Buffalo, NY

Services: in-person & virtual

  I totally get it - being a parent is tough, and finding reliable and experienced care for your baby is super important. That's why I offer overnight newborn care as a night nanny, postpartum planning services, and online mama coaching & mentoring.


Lorrei D.

As first time parents we asked Deanna a lot of questions. She was patient and thoughtful in her responses to us. Deanna is a positive, caring, thoughtful woman.

Casey D.

Deanna took care of everything- brought the baby to me to feed her and then she burped; changed her and got her back to sleep after. That way I could get the much needed sleep to recover.

Maggie V.

Deanna was a lifesaver! From the second she greeted me from the hospital after delivery, I was more relaxed. She has a very calm demeanor and always pleasant. I truly don't know wat I would have done without her.

As a pro in infant care, I can help your baby develop healthy sleep habits, which means you can finally catch up on some much-needed rest. I've got all the skills and training necessary to provide personalized care for your family.

Whether you need help with sleep training or just want a night nanny to care for your little one while you catch up on some z's, I'm here for you. Trust me, your baby will be safe, happy, and healthy under my care.

If you're thinking of hiring a Newborn Care Specialist, I offer affordable rates and a variety of services that will meet your needs. In addition to my Buffalo, NY baby nurse and night time nanny services, I also provide virtual doula services throughout the US.

For Expert Newborn Care
While You Rest and Recover,
Reach out to WNY's Night Nanny!
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Serving Buffalo & Erie County, NY
In-Person & Virtually Online !

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