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Even before becoming a mother of two, Deanna was engaged in the lives of young children. She and her husband taught, coached and performed arts education programs for over a decade throughout the Northeastern United States. Later, with the experiences of her own labor, delivery and postpartum recovery she developed an even keener sense for the support and guidance that new moms need. Deanna has recently pursued her passion for helping mothers in that tender time period by gaining professional training and offering her services to local families.


Deanna receives consistent feedback from clients who describe her as a patient and thoughtful listener. Her natural intuitiveness with babies makes all the difference in their smooth passage through the fourth trimester. 

When Deanna is not feeding; diapering; swaddling or soothing precious newborn babies, she can be found traveling through time between the pages of a historical novel or spending time with her husband and dogs in their newly empty nest.

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