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Virtual Doula Services


Postpartum Planning

You will be pregnant for a few months; in labor for a few hours, and delivering for a few minutes. But you will be postpartum for life! Having a child is a life altering event that should be met with careful, poignant planning. Allow me to help you manifest the image you carry for motherhood. 90-minute video call and workshop.


Single Rescue Call

Do you have one pressing and urgent concern about yourself or your baby? Colic; spit-up; nap schedule; soothing? Lets have a 45 minute call and I will follow up with a plan of action email and text support until the problem is resolved.


First-Time Mom (or Dad) Lifeline

Three 45-minute video calls where I will coach you through your most challenging scenarios over a period of a month. Or choose to extend through as much as 12 weeks.

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