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PARENTING PRINCIPLES: 8 Principles to Raise Healthy Kids and Build a Happy Home

Do you want to guide your family with wisdom and love? Do

you wonder how to do this effectively? If you implement

these principles, you are well on your way to raising healthy

kids and building a happy home.

1. Use values and expectations as guideposts

○ Choose your family’s core values based on your


○ Develop expectations based on these values

2. Be a parent, not a friend

○ Provide a sturdy structure in order to provide

security for your child

○ Evaluate your values and decide on boundaries

3. Be firm, but fair

○ Equip your child with the ability to take

responsibility for her actions

○ Provide consequences that make sense according to

the undesired behavior

○ Discuss setbacks and consequences -- you might

gain a new perspective

○ Reward your child with praise and appreciation

when he exceeds your expectations

4. Mistakes are okay

○ While it can be difficult, it’s important to allow your

children to struggle through hurdles

○ Learning through failure is a valuable source of

wisdom that can build resilience

5. Kids will be as successful as you believe they can be

○ Don’t lose hope in your child when he faces

repeated setbacks

○ If you start to doubt your child’s abilities, he will,


6. Foster a grateful heart

○ Talk about gratitude with your family every

morning and every night There are many benefits of a consistent gratitude


○ Expressing gratitude for family members

strengthens relationships

7. Be active, not passive

○ Invest in memories that are enjoyable for the whole


○ Take a risk and learn something new by trying a

new activity as a family

○ Encourage new hobbies and participate in them

with your child

8. Teach emotional intelligence

○ Emotional intelligence is an essential part of good

social skills

○ Teach by example, get in touch with your own


○ Five key elements of emotional intelligence:

i. Self-awareness

ii. Self-regulation

iii. Motivation

iv. Empathy

v. Social skills


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