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Mother Affirmations

I am a blessing

to my children.

My children are the most important thing to me. Their health, happiness, and future are my main priorities. Most of my time, effort, and energy go toward my children and fulfilling their needs.

I am an excellent parent. I know that I am a blessing to my children.

I take great joy in parenting my children. It is a privilege to teach and raise such wonderful kids. I find parenthood to be exciting, rewarding, and fulfilling. I enjoy the challenge of being a parent.

I treat each of my children as an individual. I foster individuality in my household. I am supportive of my children’s interests and hobbies.

I encourage my kids to grow into unique and happy people.

My children have all they need. They have the clothing, food, shelter, and love they need to thrive. I anticipate their needs as well as I can and ensure they are satisfied. We have everything a child could need.

My children are happy and content. They know I love and support them. They feel loved and safe. Our home is a safe place that welcomes all children.

Today, I remind myself of how lucky my children are to have me in their lives. I continue to give my children the best parts of me. I am a blessing to my children.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What makes me a good parent? How could I be an even better parent?

  2. What are some of the great things I do for my children?

  3. How can I show my children that I love them?

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