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Mother with her Child

in-person or virtual support in the 4th trimester

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Supporting Families in the Transition to Parenthood

Bringing home your newborn baby is a time of intense emotion. The profound changes that take place in the family are simultaneously wondrous and challenging. Nothing can quite prepare you for the realities of caring for your infant 24/7 while recovering from the physical and emotional impacts of childbirth. As days blur into nights, and without a solid block of sleep in sight for weeks, the stress level can be overwhelming.

I've been there. I get it. And if this is not your first baby, I can tell you that knowing what to expect doesn't make it any easier when you have older ones who need you as well. What you need is support. Rest. Nourishment. Peace. You need non-judgmental advice. Answers to a million questions. Encouragement. Affirmation.

It would be my honor to guide you through a harmonious transition so that you can enjoy the tremendous gift of new life.    

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“With a c-section recovery and older kids at home it’s just so important to have help for me at night." Hailey B.
Day/Night Packages

Night Nanny for Newborn up to 6 months.

Ask about my Transition Home Package.
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